Love is in the air....

Did January seem like the longest month.....? Now thats out the way we can look forward to a few romantic nights in as Valentine's is looming, check out our ideas below to help prepare for that special someone.

Introducing Gemma 

This month we would like to introduce Gemma who specialises in food intolerance and allergy testing. Up to 45% of the UK population suffer from some form of food or drink intolerance. Its basically where our bodies struggle to digest food or drink ingredients which can result in headaches, acne, IBS, bloating, eczema, joint pain, yeast infection, weight gain and low mood to name a few.

Gemma's pin prick blood test can test up to 150 food and drink ingredients and results are received within 2 weeks. After struggling with food and drink herself years ago she was desperate for answers and was sold on the test she uses today.

Gemma will be offering free 15 minute consultations on Saturday 7th March where you can have the test there and then, take it away with you to do at home or simply pop in and ask her any questions you may have.


  • Intolerance 50 - Tests 50 different ingredients at £99
  • Intolerance 75 - Tests 75 different ingredients at £149
  • Intolerance 100 - Tests 100 different ingredients at £199
  • Intolerance 150 - Tests 150 different ingredients at £299 (includes Wine, Herbal tea's and Red Bull.

Treat your man this Valentine's!

  • Hot Stone Massage Back, Neck & Shoulders (£30 for 25 mins) - Using hot stones to bring balance and promotes healing for emotional, physical and mental stress.
  • Man Power (£99 for 105 mins) - Incorporating the men's Foot Care and Hand and Nail Treatment followed by a full back massage and finishing with a rejuvenating Classic Facial.
  • Classic Facial with 1 touch therapy (£38 for 40 mins) - Includes skin analysis, exfoliation, steam, extraction and a mask plus a shoulder and face massage to improve skin circulation and promote relaxation.

Beauty Tip

Add five tablespoons of Extra Virgin Oil to your bath tub and you are done! Simple yet an amazing beauty secret that will make skin soft and very smooth.

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