Massage Therapy

Back, Neck and Shoulder massage

Adapted to your required pressure, this massage concentrates on relieving stress and tension in the back, neck and shoulders. Helps to soothe tight sore muscles and relieve the build up of tension nodules.

Time: 25 minutes £28.00
Signature Back, Scalp and Face massage

Restore calm and feel the stress melt away with this massage. Get a taste of the spa experience with this simple but effective treatment that relieves tension and clears the mind.

Time: 40 minutes £35.00
Full Body Massage

Adapted to your concerns, whether you need relaxation, reduce muscle tension or relief from chronic pain. Our massage will help promote a sense of wellbeing.

Time: 55 minutes £47.00
Indian Head Massage

Using pressure point and drainage massage techniques to alleviate head, neck and shoulder tension.

Time: 25 minutes £28.00
Full Body, Face & Scalp Massage

Indulge with this luxurious massage experience. Help you unwind, soothes your mind and body with our deep massage techniques to release tension from the scalp down to your feet.

Time: 70 minutes


Sports & Deep Tissue Massage

Not just for injuries! This is a deeper massage which focuses on breaking down muscle tension, improving flexibility and speeding up recovery.

Taster Session 15min £12 Time: 15 minutes £12.00
Initial Treatment and Consultation 40min £40 Time: 40 minutes £40.00

Treatment and Consultation 55min £50

Time: 55 minutes


Revitalising Foot and Leg Massage 25min £28

A massage to relieve tension and reduces stress on both muscles and joints. Our massage also helps relax the muscles and restore blood flow to bring relief to your tired feet and legs

Time: 25 minutes £28.00

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