July Beauty News 2019

Summer has always been my favourite season with the smell of barbecues, the sunshine and great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, everyone is always in a happier place.

Summer Beach Body

New Treatment Guild

We are excited to have our new price list launched at Serenity this month!! Which features our new Dermasonic and DermiNeck treatments plus the New Thalgo Brightening luminiere facial. We have also launched a New Caci Ultimate treatment incorporating our Diamond Peel Dermabrasion with the caci ultra machine!! There are a handful of price increases which will come into effect on Monday 22nd July and please read through our updated Terms & Conditions at the back of the brochure.

Treatment Guide

Summer Body

Our Body treatments are the perfect thing to either prep your skin before your holiday or nourish your skin after for the perfect long-lasting tan!! Here’s what we recommend…

Summer Body

Body Shaping

The original marine algae wrap, harnessing all the incredible benefits of seaweed. The body is exfoliated before Thalgo’s patented seaweed body wrap is applied, infusing minerals, vitamins and micro-nutrients to the body. The treatment increases metabolism,eliminates toxins, relieves aches and can improve dry skin conditions.

Thalgo Detox Mud Wrap – £52.00

Body Shaping

Spa Body Experience & Massage Therapy

An exfoliation ritual to invigorate and revitalise the body. Start with a facial cleanse and exfoliate, following with a marine salt scrub of the body, finally completing your treatment with a rich, intense body cream.

Spa Exotic Scrub Treatment – £35.00


Spa Body Experience & Massage Therapy

Polynesia Spa Massage

Polynesia Spa Massage

Experience Serenity’s exotic sensorial spa massage, inspired by far away destinations and invoking deep relaxation. Whatever your needs, allow our specialists to provide a tailored massage designed with you in mind. The aromatic and powerful Thalgo oils incorporated with a rhythmic massage and warm sand pouches loosen the muscles and nourish skin.

Polynesia Spa Massage – £55.00

Protect your skin

Protect your skin

To offer triple sun protection against UVA/UVB rays, premature ageing and dark spots, Thalgo has identified a unique alga, Polysiphonia lanosa. This natural marine filter lies at the heart of the sun protection range and, with the aid of renowned UV filters, protects against the harmful effects of the sun so you can enjoy it in complete safety.


A lightweight texture to tan safely! This fluid helps preserve the skin’s youthful appearance and gradually acquire an even, lasting tan. Non-whitening, non-greasy, non-sticky texture. High-tolerance “face and décolleté” formula.
£26.00 – Come in to pick up yours.


Optimum protection from the first days of sun exposure! This rich cream helps preserve the skin’s youthful appearance and offers ideal tolerance. It helps obtain a gradual, even and lasting tan. Non-whitening, non-greasy, non-sticky texture. High-tolerance “face and décolleté” formula.
£26.00 – Come in to pick up yours.


This fresh, silky-smooth body lotion instantly soothes the skin. Intensely moisturised, it feels regenerated deep-down while your tan is enhanced with iridescent pearly particles.
£29.00 – Come in to pick up yours.


SPF15 Age Defence Sun Lotion.
£29.00 – Come in to pick up yours.


High, optimal protection from the very first exposure to the sun.
£26.00 – Come in to pick up yours.

Our Loyalty Scheme

Have you used your points… as a thank you to our customers every pound you spend is equivalent to 1 point. These can be used on any of the following treatments and have no expiry date.

  • Gel Removal = 168 points
  • £5.00 off any product over £25.00 = 300 points
  • Back Massage = 336 points
  • Buttock & Thigh Lift = 360 points
  • Diamond Peel Dermabrasion = 400 points
  • Cocooning Wrap & Massage = 640 points
  • CACI Non Surgical Face Lift = 640 points
  • £30.00 off any treatments over £35.00 = 650 points

Plus a bonus of double points for any products purchased!

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