Thalgo Facials & Anti Ageing

Thalgo Illuminating Radiance Facial

Improves radiance and increases the skin's moisture in just 30 minutes! This facial is perfect to correct dull and tired skin for an instant effect with Thalgo's Ultra Radiance Mask and Absolute Radiance Concentrate.

Time: 30 minutes


Rebalancing Anti Acne Facial

Experience true marine beauty, with this signature algae facial perfect for congested and combination skin. Using a mask of pure natural seaweed to re-mineralise and revitalise the skin leaving your complexion soft, radiant and beautiful. Good to help eczema and psoriasis conditions.

Time: 55 minutes


Heart of the Oceans
This marine-inspired facial concentrates the vital force and benefits of the ocean to help restore perfect skin quality, delivering intense and lasting hydration. This personalised treatment can be tailored with the following skin ranges - Cold Cream Marine, Purete Marine and Source Marine

Time: 55 minutes


Collagen Radiance Facial

To fight against the first signs of ageing, this unique professional treatment drenches the skin in Native Marine Collagen. Wrinkles and fine lines are reduced and the skin is intensely moisturised and ultra smooth with a radiant complexion.

Time: 55 minutes


Hyaluronic Facial

An anti-wrinkle solution using a high penetration of hyaluronic acid, this treatment fills and corrects deep wrinkles. Thanks to its exclusive massage and double professional mask after the first treatment, the skin looks younger and smoother.

Time: 55 minutes


Silicium Super lift Facial

Dare to defy and take action on visible wrinkles and loss of firmness. Using the most effective marine anti-ageing ingredients and specialised massage to smooth, plump, lift and fill. A super lifting mask is applied to lift and contour the face and neck.

Time: 70 minutes


Hyaluronic Add on Eye Treatment

The hyaluronic eye patch mask can be added onto any facial, manicure or pedicure treatment to give an instant plumping, revitalising and smoothing effect of the eye area.


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