A Deep Exfoliating Treatment

A Deep Exfoliating Treatment
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Diamond Peel Facial Therapy has the latest technology that does a deep exfoliation treatment on instantly producing smoother, softer and more radiant skin.  Results are most effective over a course of treatments, as fine lines soften and any blemishes or skin markings reduce.  Pores are deep cleansed, skin tone, texture and colour become more even and the production of new skin cells and collagen is boosted.
Our skin has a natural skin cell renewal cycle of approximately 30 days.  As the skin renews, dead skin cells can ‘build up’ and thicken the Stratum Corneum (the outer most layer of the skin). This causes your complexion to look dull and lifeless.
Diamond Peel can help skin concerns such as: fine lines, blackheads, acne, acne scars, stretch marks, age/sunspots, enlarged pores, uneven and rough skin, pigmentation and sun-damaged skin just to name a few.

How does it work?
A fine stream of tiny particles from the applicator, combined with vacuum is glided over the skin.  The light abrasion technique mechanically removes dead skin cells on the face, neck, back and shoulders although more attention is spent on your main areas of concern.

How does the treatment feel?
The treatment is not uncomfortable and only a slight tingling sensation is felt.  It can be described as mild sandpaper rubbing on your skin.  After treatment you will have a slightly flushed face with a windburn feel.

Are there any side effects?
It is not uncommon for the skin to be red for a couple of hours after treatment. Daily application of sun screen is required but otherwise you can return to normal activities on the same day.

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